I was looking around in some of the Photoshop CS6 files and found this:

This string table is located in Photoshop.dll/String Table/1253

  • Oh, he’s just allergic to decision making.
  • This is about startup modifiers, people!^rGet your minds outta the gutter.
  • Which option requires more work for Jon?
  • Sent from my slide ruler, apologies for rounding errors.
  • Platinum bear for you.
  • Wenn du etwas nicht weisst, frag Herr Internet.
  • Crash logs don’t lie.
  • We will need the build FedXed to them asap.
  • I wave the magic wand and the bug disappears.
  • Our QE team is sworn to carry your burdens.
  • With a binary the size of the titanic.
  • That’s a lot of chain pullin.
  • This team has huge antibodies toward anything formal.
  • Shut the front door.
  • Don’t everybody get their knickers in a knot.
  • Still ugly as a mud fence.