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no, biologically, you’re still male or female (judging by the level of smug condescention in these posts, id wager female)

gender politics aint got a fuckin place in science and basic human biology: acknowledging that there is a discrepancy among the sexes as far as anatomical and hormonal differences go isn’t being transphobic. and deluding yourself, and other impressionable idiots who will fight tooth and nail to say that sex doesn’t matter, gender/sex is a choice, is as moronic as it is bigoted. 

like why dont you just go to a transgender meeting and slap anyone who is or has transitioned right in the face you know






the same exact thing was done with a man in a fatsuit (video). what is astonishing to me is the different reactions the men give vs the women. 

Guess what?  Men are allowed to have fucking preferences and if they don’t want to date a fat person they don’t have to.  If you don’t like being rejected because of your appearance, either live with it or change yourself.

This isn’t a fuking social expirement, this is just a shitty attempt at making men look evil and hurting “The Patriarchy™” 

I fucking hate it so much when a celebrity dies.  Not about the loss of the person, but the way people act about it.  Fuck it rustles my jambos.

Fuck, Tumblr, could you just for once suggest me a blog that isn’t regurgitated horse shit?